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Table Skirt with Swags


* Easy to setup in minutes.

* Top Table skirting comes with 6M of detachable swags, 20 clips and 8M of Table skirts

* Cake Table Skirting comes with 3M of Detachable swags, 10 clips and 4M of Table skirts

Brand: WeddingMart
1x 8M White Top Table Skirt 2x 3M Detachable Swags (Please select colour from the available options below) 20x Velcro Clips..
Brand: WeddingMart
This Package includes the following items 1x 4M White Table Skirt 1x 3M Detachable Swag (Please select color from the available options) 10x Velcro Clips..
Brand: WeddingMart
1x 8m Black Table Skirt or 2x 4m Black Table Skirts 2x 3M Detachable Swags (Please select from available options) 20x Velcro Clips..
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