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Artificial Wedding Venue Decoration and Stage Flowers for Sale

The perfect alternative to a real bouquet for weddings, artificial flowers are an incredibly lifelike, versatile option. They last longer and can be purchased in bulk, so that you have a memento of your big day that lasts forever and that you can share with your guests if you choose. Our wholesale artificial flowers represent a value-for-money choice that is very attractive when working with a tight budget. The luxury feel of the silk petals makes for a high-quality product that is always in season and available in many colors and designs. You can be as creative as you like in making your own wedding artificial flowers bouquet.

WeddingMart prouds itself as a leading artificial wedding flower importers and wholesale suppliers in UK. We have various floral arranements available to cater the wedding and event industry needs. We offer vrious flower heads including hydrangea flower heads to create your own floral arrangements.

Why artificial flowers are a great investment

Working within the wedding industry means that you always need to be ready to make key changes as and when they are required. This could be to work within seasons, but also to work within customers budgets and of course adhering to whatever the latest trend is.

One area that is really influenced by fashion and by the time of year is wedding florists. Florist supplies really do depend on what is growing at that precise time, which means that wedding florist supplies can find it hard to know exactly what the right flowers are to buy.

Something that could really help with this is by investing in artificial flowers. Artificial wedding flowers haven’t always had the best reputation, some people do see artificial flower arrangements as being a cheap alternative. But, cost aside, there are lots of great reasons to choose artificial flowers over the real deal.  It doesn’t matter if this is for wedding backdrops, table centrepieces, top table decorations, wedding arches, pagodas, or even flower walls. Artificial flowers can be used to create all of these things and so much more.

To help to show you just what we mean, we have put together our reasons why artificial flower arrangements are definitely something to invest in.

They are a good price

Wedding flowers are expensive, however, if you do decide to offer artificial flowers as an option, then this can be a lower cost. Gone are the days when fake flowers looked just like that, fake. Nowadays they look just as good as the real thing, just without the worry of pollen and any staining that can come with natural flowers. Not only this, but when you come to an expert like us, then you can make sure that you find the  best place to buy artificial flowers, but that they are made to a high standard.

You can get a range of flowers no matter the season

Flowers only grow at certain times of the year, or, if you do want out of season flowers, you are going to need to pay a hefty price to get them. The great thing about offering artificial flowers for a wedding decoration, is that you don’t have to be confined to whatever is in season. You can discuss with your client a range of flower options and they can get exactly what they are looking for.  For many people, good quality artificial flowers cannot be differentiated with real ones.

You can make them in advance

A lot of the work that is one in wedding floristry is last minute. Rushing around up until the wedding date is not good for anyone. This is why artificial flowers are a great idea. Because they are not real, and therefore, won’t die, you can make them as far in advance of the wedding day as you need to, this means that you can juggle more clients and also that you can plan for busier times, or times when you might not be able to make as many arrangements as you normally would. Such as school holidays.

There really is no question when it comes to wedding flowers, artificial can be just as good (if not even better) than the real thing, so what are you waiting for? Take a look at artificial wedding flowers wholesalers and see if you can find the right flowers to create beautiful decorations for all of your clients!

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