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Flower Wall Decor for Wedding

Magnificent Flower Walls to Spice up the Wedding Venue Decorations

When it comes to planning a lush wedding décor, the flower wall backdrop steals the show. No matter how elegant the entire venue and the surroundings are, the charismatic floral decor always steals the show.

Whether you are creating a themed wedding decoration or just want to catch everyone’s attention towards the stage, the party flower walls always grab the attention of the guests.

Why Install Flower Walls at the Wedding Venue?

There are so many reasons, most wedding venues are decorated with artificial flower wall panels.

Create a Nature Theme Wedding Party

For those who are left with no other choices but to organize the wedding reception indoors, using flowers everywhere is a splendid idea to bring Mother Nature inside the hall. Artificial moss carpets, large flower backdrops, to all greenery walls, you can use many of such elements to bestow a natural outdoor feel inside the banquet hall.

Catch the Eyeballs

It is a common myth that flower-embedded walls are only used for decorating the stage for the wedding couple. Today, these panels are used for various purposes. They are used to draw the attention towards the buffet corner, on the walls, near the entrance to welcome the invitees, and so much more.

In other words, it is easy to draw the attention of the people in the party to a certain place with floral decorations. 

Ideal Selfie Station for the Wedding Photos

Whether you have a monochrome or mixed flower wall behind the stage, it perfectly serves as the photo booth backdrop to get the most spectacular shots for the wedding photos and selfies.

Cut the Costs

It is often a desire to use all real flowers in the wedding event. But once you do the reality check, it is easy to find the huge difference in the costs. Having the wall of the wedding alter decorated with real red hydrangeas can be highly expensive. But you create the same look and feel with the red rose wall or the red hydrangea flower walls that too at a reduced price.

So if a client is on a low budget, it is easy for the event management teams to complete the project within the prices using these props. Moreover, you can even preserve them for use in future for other events too.

Trending Flower Wall Ideas

Using wedding flower walls for decorating the party venue is a modern concept in itself. However, there are some special arrangements to create the ultimate stunning decorations with floral panels.

Read on to explore the flower arrangements that have left the guests speechless at the recently held wedding events.

Full-Coverage Backdrops

The full-coverage flower walls are so far the most popular choice for many hosts. This type of floral embellishment is generally seen at the back wall of the stage at wedding receptions.

Even for full-coverage floral arrangements, there are several variations to opt for depending on the choices, wedding theme, and other factors.

•             Charismatic Monochromes

When you want craft the stage design for the perfect shot wedding photos, the monochrome floral background is the ideal thing to get the contrast effect. Hence if the bridal outfit is all fairy white, the mishmash of pink or peach roses can make excellent backdrop décor.

Whereas, if the couple is wearing solid dark dress for the reception, the feathery white wall full of roses, hydrangea, peonies, carnations, and gardenias floral wall panels are what you need to produce the ultimate picturesque effect.

How about having a claret-red chaise lounge sofa for the new couple on the stage to make the perfect contrast?

•             Exotic Ombre

If the single shade monochrome effect looks too boring and there is a large wall behind the stage, it is good to go with the ombre effect. The wall can have multiple layers of different shades of flowers. For instance, the upper layer may have light pink followed by middle and lower layers in wild pink and red hues.

Nowadays floral decors are also hung from the ceiling. This type of flower wall can be paired with ornate ivory ceilings. If the width of the room is a too-large one, it is even good to create contrast by placing a line of artificial greenery panels on either side.

•             Vibrant Red Wall

Are you decorating the hall for the marriage ceremony in the coming February?

If so, why not integrate the wedding event in the Valentine’s month with the love theme décor?

The red rose and hydrangea flower walls are best for the season. You can use the big red backdrop for the stage and use small panels with the green borders on the sidewalls of the reception hall.

Floral Panel Decorations

For those who do not like the monotonous full-coverage floral backdrops, there is simply no end to the available options. The choicest option in this regard is the panelled flower decors.

•             Mixed Flower Bands

This type of stage backdrop is created by joining small flower panels in vertical and horizontal lines to form a square or rectangular bands. The benefit of choosing this type of arrangement creates enough room for implementing your creativity to get the design that matches the size of the wall, the theme of the party, etc.

It also incentivises you to add more elements to fill empty spaces such as drapes, small wall ornaments, etc.

•             Flower-Empanelled Windows

No, I am not talking about surrounding the windows in the banquet hall with flower panels. Rather you can create big window-like gaps on the stage background wall by creating vertical and horizontal panel arrangements. You can fill the space with opulent curtains, chandeliers, string lights, etc. Using lights in the gap can brighten up the space for better photography experience.

•             Chequered Backdrops 

This is a simple decoration wherein you just need a vibrant curtain fixed on the wall. Then the floral wall panels are placed to create a chequered design. If you do not want to reveal the curtain between the panels, why not create the contrast with greenery panels. Placing white and green panels one after another will also produce the same effect.

Using Artificial Flower Walls for Outdoor Decors

When in outdoor venues, the all-flower backdrop may not match the natural look of the surroundings. Use panels with a bit of greenery amid the flowers to get the artless effect in the outdoor environment.

If you are too keen on having the ivory white backdrop, place a few small flower arrangements with green fillers in any preferred sequence.

Alternatively, if you need the country theme effect, use artificial greenery panels with fewer white flowers arranged on them.

The 3D Flower Wall Effect

The flat backdrops are great for indoor venues. But if you are having the reception party in a large yard, go for the 3D look with an arched backdrop. The ideal place for the arc-shaped background on the lawn is just behind the stage.

Dazzling Multi-color Theme

For those who are left spoilt for choices of flower shades, it is good to opt for a combo. Install multi-color flower panels to ease the photographer’s job of taking vivacious snaps.

Plush Organic Extravaganza

For outdoor venues to look even more sensational, you can get an arrangement of greenery and flower garlands forming an aisle leading to an arched entrance. These are excellent for decorations at the entrance of the reception hall.

Tropical Green Ceremonial Walls

If you want to match the wedding wall to a forest theme, the tropical green walls with a few wildflowers can do justice to the rest of the décor. You can consider using a large greenery wall with willow and asparagus leaves. If the bride is wearing a white or neutral shade attire, the color effect will ease the job for the photographer.

Less Is More

Do you feel that the large flower walls are too lumbering and overfilled?

Well, a lot of people feel like that. All thanks to the availability of the trailing bushes and garlands. Hopefully, there are plenty of color options apart from white. They can be hanged from the ceiling in multiple layers to get a natural feel.

In fact, you can use these props to create an entire stage in an empty lawn. All you need is a metallic stand with a dome-shaped ceiling from where the hangings can be tied to get the remarkably ornate stage for the new couple.

Floral Signage Decors

When it comes to decorating the reception venue, there is much more than the stage background that requires a bit of ornamentation. This is significant for the welcome sign and the wedding program board. You can use a bit of green foliage, creeper garlands, and some Ruscus leaf vines with an arrangement of flowers to make these signs more attractive.

Some Parting Words,

There are innumerable ways to decorate the reception venue using wedding flower walls. Using artificial flowers gives you the advantage to get the absolutely stunning look but at an affordable price. Furthermore, you do not have to worry about the drying out issues. Just discuss your plans and desired wedding theme to get the floral décor as per the requirements.

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