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Collection of High Quality Shop Counter Clear Screens

Aluminium Frame
Our screens and frames are made with high quality aluminium which is strong but light weight.
Quality Acrylic Screens
Our high quality screens are easy to clean, as clear as a glass can be but not easyly breakable.
Custom Sizes
We offer various stock sizes which can be ordered online but we also offer custom sizes. Please get in touch for a quotation.
Installations & Bulk Discounts
Though Splitex partitions are very easy to install but we can arrange installation maintenance for commercial spaces. Please get in touch for personaisation quotation.
Huge Stock Holder
All items are in stock and dispatched from our UK based warehouse. Bulk Discounts Avialble

PPE Products

Model: SXF9001
Made with High Quality Clear Acrylic. Width: 1000mm Height: 800mm, Free standing Suitable for shop counters, supermarket, pharmacy to protect ..
Ex Tax:£39.99
Adult Face Shield Visor- Pack of 10 Adult Face Shield Visor- Pack of 10
Model: PPE1005FS
High quality disposable visor made with clear plastic. Comfortable fitting with elasticated headband and foam forehead support.  Anti-..
£5.99 £23.99
Ex Tax:£4.99
Kids Face Shield Visor- Pack of 10 Various Designs
Model: PPE155FSK
High quality disposable visor made with clear plastic. Comfortable fitting with elasticated headband and foam forehead support.  Anti-..
£7.19 £23.99
Ex Tax:£5.99
Disposable 3 Ply Face Masks Box of 50 Disposable 3 Ply Face Masks Box of 50
Model: PPEMSK50
High efficiency protective grad material. -Multilayer stereoscopic design. -High quality bridge strips are easy to fix. -High elastic earring..
£3.59 £17.99
Ex Tax:£2.99
Disposable 3 Ply Face Masks for Kids - Box of 50 Disposable 3 Ply Face Masks for Kids - Box of 50
Model: PPEKDM50
High efficiency protective grade material. -Multilayer stereoscopic design. -High quality bridge strips are easy to fix. -High elastic earrin..
£22.79 £23.99
Ex Tax:£18.99

Protective Customer Staff Partitions Guards Screens UK

Covid-19 Protective Screens and Partitions for Businesses

Create a safe working environment for your staff and customers with our superior quality standalone screen guards. Splitex screens are available in a range of sizes and finishes and can be custom made for your business.

High-quality acrylic that is easy to clean and maintain means you can redesign and organise your workplace in next to no time.

  • Easy self-assembly with no tools required. They look professional and secure.
  • Free-standing sneeze screens mean you can tailor, position and choose the size to suit your needs.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean, Splitex screens are ideal for promoting Covid-safe work environments.
  • Bespoke protective screens and partitions in a range of finishes available on request.
  • Make the most of our workspace with a wide array of protective partitions in stock.
  • Lightweight and strong, our Splitex screens can easily be stored when not in use.

Our screens are not only made with top aluminium frames but also offer strength and security and fit with any interior. Most screens on the market today are made with heavy metal frames which can create a risk to public safety if they fall.

Buy Covid-19 Screens UK

Many businesses are now returning after the lockdown. Making sure the work environment is safe to operate in can be a big headache. Our Splitex protective screens and partitions are perfect for delivering maximum safety without taking up too much space.

The clear protective Perspex screens are strong and durable and easy to clean. The standalone sneeze guards are perfect for offices and businesses that need flexibility when setting up their work areas.

Our quality infection protection screens are currently being used by wedding planners and event organisers, offices and warehouses, healthcare practices, restaurants and bars, hotels, salons and gyms to name just a few.

Wedding Mart is focused on providing a range of quality wholesale products for wedding planners and organisers. After the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have now widened our capability to provide the full protective screen and clear dividing walls to all businesses that need it.

We offer not just high-quality screens but deliver our solutions at a competitive cost. We can tailor provision to your needs whether you require just a few sneeze guards for your office or a more complex level of infection protection. 

Strong Aluminium Frame

Our infection protection screens are made with strong but very light aluminium frames.

Quality Acrylic Screens

Our sneeze screens are easy to clean, as clear as glass and 100% protective.

Custom Sizes Available

Various standard stock sizes can be ordered online but we also offer custom screens. Please get in touch for a quotation.

Installations & Bulk Discounts

Though Splitex infection control partitions are super easy to install, we can arrange installation and maintenance for commercial spaces.

Huge Stock Available

All items are in stock and dispatched from our UK warehouse. Bulk discounts are available.

Shops and Retail

Keeping staff and customers safe is simple with our range of protective screens and partitions.

Reception Screens

Reception areas can be extremely busy. Ensure everyone is protected with our range of sneeze guards designed for businesses of all types.


The right protective dividers can be challenging for bars and restaurants. Our lightweight acrylic screens are ideal and very flexible.


Keep customers segregated while queuing and ensure staff are protected with tailored Covid screens that are easy to assemble. 


It’s essential to keep gym-goers safe at all times. Our tough but lightweight partition screens keep everyone safe.

Wedding Venues

Make sure the big day goes ahead with a range of protective screens that allow full visibility and communication while ensuring complete safety.


As with any shop or store, pharmacies have to protect customers who may already be at risk with illness. Our strong and hygienic screens do just that.


Organise every part of your hotel from reception to the restaurant with our extensive range of high-quality screens.

Salons and Beauty Parlours

Salons have a big challenge when dealing with the public. Our flexible sneeze guards and screens reduce risk while maintaining customer contact.


Our range of different size protective partitions means you can design for any size office space, maximising room and maintaining high levels of safety at all times.

Call Centres and IT Support

Call centres are busy places and keeping everyone safe is a challenge. From table splitters to sneeze guards for the floor, we have everything you need.

FAQs for Splitex Protective Screens

Our expert team are on hand if you have any questions about sneeze screens or protective partitions. Here are just some of the questions we’ve been asked recently:

Are Covid Screens Expensive?

We believe we’ve found the best of both worlds for a huge variety of businesses – high levels of safety and quality at a price that won’t break the bank.

Do You Have a Collection of Office Table Guards?

We’ve worked hard to cover all the bases when it comes to clear protective screens. Table guards can easily be installed and protect all your workers. Light and easy to dismantle or put up, you can tailor the protection in your office to meet your exact needs.

Where Can I Find Protective Screens for IT Desks and Call Centres?

The hundreds if not thousands of call centres around the world rely on large numbers of staff being in place at the same time. This can be a nightmare for employers to manage post-Covid-19.

Our range of protective screens means that you can cover every angle but don’t have to close areas off and lose productivity. The screens are easy to clean and can be moved if needed.

Do You Sell Table Splitters?

Table splitters give you even more flexibility and can be placed on desktops to allow individuals to work together while still maintaining a high level of protection. We offer a wide range of both desktop and floor screens that will suit any business.

Do You Sell Screens for Meeting and Boardrooms?

Not all meetings are held on Zoom nowadays. If you do need to get into the boardroom, our range of screen protectors are easy to install and designed to keep everyone safe. The clear acrylic means that everyone can see and hear each other. Once the meeting is over, you can easily dismantle the screens and store them away for later use.

Are Splitex Protective Frames Heavy?

No. They are extremely lightweight and can be installed by just two people. The strong aluminium frames make them amazingly secure whether on the floor or a desktop.

Are Acrylic Screens Safe?

They are not only safe but very hygienic. Unlike glass, acrylic screens are not likely to break, so if they do get knocked over, you don’t have to worry.

Are Your Protective Partitions Easy to Store?

Slip and light, our protective screens can quickly be taken down and stored away for later use.

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