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Royal Blue Butterfly Backdrop Curtain

Wholesale Wedding Butterfly Backdrops- Royal Blue Butterfly Backdrop Curtain available from WeddingMart FREE AND NEXT DAY DELIVERY AVAILABLE
Royal Blue Butterfly Backdrop Curtain
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  • Model: D407

Length: 20ft / 6 meter

Height: 10ft / 3 meter

Material: Knitted satin

Design: Pleated, with pocket on top for crossbar to go through


The curtain has velcro on both sides to join them together and also a velcro attached on top edge. The swag is approximately 6 meter (2 pieces, 3m each) long and can be joined on top edge of the curtain. It only needs few minutes to design a stunning wedding backdrop. 
The middle drop comes separately as one piece which needs to be tied up to the top and 2 sides to the crossbars and uprights.