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24 Oct Need to Make Your Restaurant Stand Out? Stunning Artificial Trees Are the Answer!
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Including an artificial tree in your restaurant décor, whether indoors or with outside seating is a great way to attract customers. It’s the perfect backdrop or canopy for a romantic meal and there are some attractive and realistic options available nowadays. Designing a new restaurant or refurbishing an existing one takes a lot of thought and ti..
24 Oct Why Artificial Trees Are Perfect for Decorating Wedding Backdrops
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Artificial trees are a popular choice when it comes to creating romantic backdrops for weddings. They’re the perfect prop if you want to take stunning wedding photos and ideal for areas like the top table or to add an attractive highlight to the wedding cake display. If you’re a wedding planner or organiser, creating a fairy tale venue for the ha..
24 Oct A Quality Artificial Blossom Trees Can Make a Difference in a Commercial Interior Decoration Spaces
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More and more businesses today are looking to stand out from the crowd on the high street. Introducing stunning artificial trees have a number of benefits, not least acting as an engaging focal point that draw customers to your office, shop or restaurant. Offices and other commercial spaces can quickly look a little uninspiring unless you pay att..
24 Oct Small Blossom Trees are the Perfect Wedding Table Centre Piece
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When it comes to planning a wedding, the small touches make all the difference. A well-designed backdrop can quickly bring the ceremony to life for both the happy couple and the guests. An elegant table centrepiece adds more than a touch of sophistication that lifts the whole reception area. Getting it right can be a challenge and any wedding p..
24 Oct Magnificent Flower Walls to Spice up the Wedding Venue Decorations
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When it comes to planning a lush wedding décor, the flower wall backdrop steals the show. No matter how elegant the entire venue and the surroundings are, the charismatic floral decor always steals the show. Whether you are creating a themed wedding decoration or just want to catch everyone’s attention towards the stage, the party flower walls al..
24 Oct Why artificial flowers are a great investment for event planners
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Working within the wedding industry means that you always need to be ready to make key changes as and when they are required. This could be to work within seasons, but also to work within customers budgets and of course adhering to whatever the latest trend is. One area that is really influenced by fashion and by the time of year is wedding floris..
24 Oct How many protective screens do I need for my call centre/office?
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Now that businesses can at last open again, the big challenge now if you run a call centre or busy office is how to reorganise your desks and other spaces. How many protective screens you use depends on several factors, including how your office furniture is currently organised. Making sure that you have high quality screens in place is essential..
24 Oct How to revive your wedding planning business: Tips for organising weddings during the Covid crisis
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No other type of business has been impacted by the Covid crisis as much as the wedding organiser. When the lockdown was announced, gatherings such as weddings stopped immediately and business for wedding planners disappeared overnight. Weddings can now be celebrated but there are still some very big restrictions that pose significant challenges f..
24 Oct How cheap, low-quality makeshift partitions can harm hospitality and restaurant businesses
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Restaurants and other hospitality businesses have a lot of work to do when it comes to protecting both staff and diners during the Covid pandemic. Not only do owners and managers need to drastically reduce the number of covers they can offer at one time, but each table also needs to be separated by a partition. It is tempting for restaurant bus..
24 Oct Why high-quality free-standing sneeze guards are important your office post-Covid
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Every office environment has changed dramatically over the last five months. Following the lockdown because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses now looking to get staff back to work are faced with immense challenges. How do I keep my employees safe? Free-standing sneeze guards are the perfect solution for a post-Covid world and they make a..
30 Sep Wedding Table Centerpiece Decoration Ideas
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Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas for Your Big Day Wedding Mart are a UK based wedding centrepiece wholesaler who can deliver high-quality furnishings for the happy couple’s big day at a great price. If you organise weddings and are looking for great ideas, browse our selection today. Making sure that a wedding day is absolutely perfect takes a lo..
11 Apr The Pipe and Drape System – Why It is the Right Choice
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The Pipe and Drape system is an easy way to transform and personalise an event space. Pipe and Drape hire is a real possibility when it comes to creating custom drapery and a look that catches the eye in every possible way. At an affordable price, it is possible to capture that look and feel that you want to achieve. When it comes to using bac..
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