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Bulk Buy Artificial Flower Heads in UK

Wholesale Bulk Loose Flower Heads for diy flower wall decorations

Artificial Flower Heads


What is flower heads

Artificial flower heads are used to create flower walls, floral bouquets, arrangements for wedding and party decorations. They are very easy to attach.


How to use flower heads

The flower heads can easily add into a flower wall grids, They simply slot into the spike of the grids.


How many flower heads required to create a flower wall

It depends on the size of the wall and the size of the plastic grid and the size of flower heads. For instance if you purley create a hydrangea walls using 15cm hydrangea heads, you will require approximately ... heads.


How to make flower walls using flower heads

You will require a plastic grid and loose flower heads. First you need to plan what design, then the size. You will require a siutable glue gun 


Here at Wedding Mart we are able to offer a wealth of decorative artificial wedding flower heads that can be used to create dramatic and eye-catching flower walls. You can have flower walls for weddings, flower walls for events and celebrations and also flower heads for corporate spaces that want to create a decorative area.

Best of all, our flower heads can also be used as a simple and quick way to make a bouquet, all you need to do is choose your flower heads and then glue them to your chosen stems, making a simple alternative to other ways to create a bouquet.

What flower heads do we offer?

If you are looking to bulk buy artificial flower heads in the UK then you will be pleased to know that here at Wedding Mart we have a variety of options for you to choose from. For our flower walls a popular choice for bringing colour is our Big Chrysanthemum Flower Heads, which are available in a number of different colours.

Those who are looking for subtle and gentle flower heads with delicate shades, then the Peony Heads are a great choice, available in pink as well as pink and peach, these are simple but create a really great look that is hard to beat.

Our Hydrangea Flower Heads are offered in several colours, including lilac, cream, gold and coral. Ideal if you want to ensure that you have a burst of colour in your flower all but still want the flower heads to work perfectly well together.

It goes without saying that a choice that many make for their flower wall are roses. Our roses are available in many colours and can be chosen in small, large and medium sizes, depending on the size of the wall that you are looking to cover as well as the design that you have in mind.

Finally, we have the simple detail that is our Closed Peony Flower Heads. Elegant and beautiful, they make a great addition alongside our stunning roses.

Quality and beauty

One thing that you can be sure with at Wedding Mart is that our artificial flower heads for flower walls are made to the highest standard possible. We always make sure that they are crafted and finished in a way that ensures that they not only look just like their real counterparts, but that they are also designed to last too. After all, a flower wall is an investment that you are going to want to stand the test of time.

We are experts in all things artificial wedding flowers, and we can help you to find the exact flower head that you are looking for. Whether that is a flower to add colour and vibrancy, or perhaps a more subtle and elegant touch of colour instead.