The Pipe and Drape system is an easy way to transform and personalise an event space. Pipe and Drape hire is a real possibility when it comes to creating custom drapery and a look that catches the eye in every possible way. At an affordable price, it is possible to capture that look and feel that you want to achieve.

When it comes to using backdrops, time and time again people have always turned to the traditional fixed metal stands and wooden frames.  For those who supplied the backdrops, it meant that they were using a technology that was outdated. This old system took time to construct and it was not particularly safe while it was expensive and difficult to transport. Effectively, the option of metal stands and wooden frames are costly, difficult and old and that is why the Pipe and Drape system is the new system that can really make a difference.



Easy to setup, one person can do it

Light weight but heavy duty

Portable System

Telescopic system means the system can be setup from a ground level and then extend

Easy transportations

Multipurpose use

Expandable, the system can be expanded to any required length with adding further uprights, crossbars and base plates


What is the pipe and drape system?

The Pipe and Drape system or Pipe and Base as it is also known is a system that consists of portable pieces that can be used to create exhibit booths that are seen in trade shows or even the back drop for a wedding dancefloor.

The system is made up of aluminium upright and drape supports with the drapery being hung over the crossbars. This is a system that is simple to set up and it can be done by one person because it is light weight without compromising on durability. As it is light weight, it can be transported easily making it portable, even for one person. The system is made from telescopic pieces and so, it can be put in place from the ground and then extended accordingly. The system is completely expandable by adding more upright, crossbars and base plates


How does it work?

The system is simple and it does not take long to understand how to set up pipe and drape because it is clever and very easy to install. This is a system that extends automatically with installers only needing to pull the pipe in order to extend it. This means that it can be extended at any point and then joined to another pipe. Sets can be connected together as required, enabling different shapes and sizes to be created.     

A base plate is placed on the floor with the uprights being attached to them using a slip in Spigot. The system can then be extended by pulling the inside of the pipe so that it can be adjusted at any point between the extendable lengths. It is also possible to extend the crossbars while they can also be adjusted at a number of points and connected to the upright in a straight line or at a 90-degree angle.

Where can it be used?

Pipe and Drape kits become popular to be used as Wedding Backdrop Stands but they are extremely versatile, therefore, they can be used in a number of situations such as wedding stage decorations, exhibition designs, photo booths, entrance arch designs and canopy designs, wall covering, room partitioning are some of many usages.


Why should businesses invest in it?

If businesses invest in pipe and drape, they can offer more from their service. As it can be extended, it also means that businesses do not have to invest in more pipes or more expensive equipment while they can keep transport costs and time to an absolute minimum.

Businesses should also be aware that it is possible to connect a number of pipes. Essentially, the more pipes that they have, the more options and configurations that they can offer as part of their service. As an investment, it requires businesses to make one initial purchase of the system. Once they have the system, they can then offer their service based on the size of the kit that they have invested in.

With so many size kits available, it means that businesses have the option of starting with a smaller sized kit. If they find that they then require a large kit then can simply purchase another kit and use them together. Along with this, they will find that the pipe and drape system is extremely hard wearing. Therefore, it can be used without the concern of damaging it while it can withstand many years of use.


What options are available?

The popular size is 6mx3m kits to start with due to the height it can setup from ground level by an average height person and fits into a car with back sit folded makes it popular and no need to hire a van. This system is extendable from 1.8m to 3m high and 1.8m to 6m wide at any points. This kit can also be used as a 3mx3m system. Additional extension kit can be added to extend the length.

There are various other size uprights and crossbars are available to built a system which even can reach 20ft high.

Therefore, they can present a number of options to customers based on the kit that they have purchased.


What else can it offer?

The pipe and drape system has already proven just why it is a great choice above other traditional methods. Users can make use of various accessories that are available meaning that it can become even more multifunctional as it can be used to create double draping, a round pagoda design or even a canopy design.

It is a cost-effective system that saves space because existing components can be used to create different shapes whch means that there is no requirement to purchase full system again. The curved pipe and drape crossbars can be used to create a curved backdrop design or a round pagoda. For those who are looking for a two-tone wedding back drop, the double drape hangers and connectors can be used to hang two crossbars on one single upright, while crossbar brackets can be used to hang additional crossbars at any chosen height should there be no slot available. For those who are looking to create a flat roof style draping and require crossbars then crossbar hangers are an extremely useful tool.

The pipe and drape system is clearly a simple yet highly effective solution that removes the need to use old, outdated systems. When businesses can cut costs, save time and offer an enhanced level of flexibility and versatility, it is clear to see why the pipe and drape system is the perfect solution.