Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas for Your Big Day

Wedding Mart are a UK based wedding centrepiece wholesaler who can deliver high-quality furnishings for the happy couple’s big day at a great price. If you organise weddings and are looking for great ideas, browse our selection today.

Making sure that a wedding day is absolutely perfect takes a lot of work and planning. It can involve months and months to get things absolutely right.

Whether you’re helping plan a reception in a hotel or local bar or have arranged a marquee with all the trimmings, there’s certainly a lot to think about. Dressing the venue is really important to give the right atmosphere when guests walk in.

How many people do you need to seat? What wedding table centrepiece design do the bride and groom like best? What first impression do you want to create for guests?

Here we take a closer look at wedding table decorations and how Wedding Mart can bring a touch of class to the reception area. Our wholesale store is perfect for venue dressers, wedding decorators, stage companies, centerpiece designers, florists, venues and event organisers and hotels.

Wedding Centerpiece Design: The Latest Trends

You may already have some ideas about what kind of wedding centrepiece you customer is looking for. Table decorations are quite a personal thing, of course. They might want something extravagant and eye-catching or perhaps they prefer the understated look.

Searching for a great wedding reception centerpiece seller is a lot easier nowadays because of the internet. You can view items online and decide how they will look when they are in place at your reception venue.

One great place to look for the latest wedding centerpiece ideas is to sign up to a social media site like Pinterest which has all sorts of pages full of stunning designs. Most wedding planners will have a list of different ideas they can use on different occasions.

The key for any wedding to find something that goes with the overall theme that has been decided. It needs to be attractive without overpowering the table and you don’t want it getting in the way of guests and stop them being able to see each other.

The floral wedding centrepiece is probably one of the most popular choices nowadays and may wedding organisers opt for this. It’s simple and attractive but can also look really stunning on tables in a large hall or a under a marquee. Of course, you also want to take into account the cost if have a large number of tables and want to keep the costs down for your clients.

Thankfully a cheaper cost nowadays doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. All you need to do is shop around to find a really great wedding reception centerpiece seller.

Finding the Right Flowers

When you buy a wedding centerpiece, whether it’s something like a vase or a frame, the first thing you need to think about is what flowers are going to be added to finish things off stylishly. Traditional options include roses, tulips, hydrangeas and, of course, lily of the valley but most brides will have their own favourites.

If they are feeling a little more adventurous, there are other options to consider such as a mix of greenery and wildflowers, vintage feathers instead of blooms, or even something designed out of fabric.

The centrepiece flowers don’t have to match the wedding bouquet but some couples like to have this kind of continuity when they organise their wedding.

What you must be sure of as a wedding organiser is that the selection of flowers looks good with the wedding centerpiece for the big day.

Wholesaler of Latest Wedding Centrepieces

While there are a lot of different outlets out there online, buying from a reputable UK wholesaler of the latest wedding centerpieces is a good idea if you want to keep the cost down and the quality high for your customers.

At Wedding Mart, we have an elegant selection of different wedding centerpieces for sale, including:

Rectangular Metal Wedding Flower Centerpiece Stands:

Made from French gold these are available in two sizes – 80cm and 60cm. A beautifully simple metal frame that is easy to assemble and transport provides a tasteful and stylish wedding centrepiece that will impress guests immediately.

80cm Trumpet Shaped Metal Wedding Centrepiece

If square isn’t your first choice, our trumpet-shaped French gold table ornaments are sophisticated and tasteful as well as coming at a great wholesale price. This is an excellent choice if you want to create more space on the tables and have continuity across your reception area.

Tall Trumpet Reversible Wedding Centrepiece Vase

If your bride and groom prefer something more traditional, our reversible wedding centrepiece vases are ideal too. The double-ended design means that they can decide to have flowers with short or long stems. The sensational but simple shape looks superb and is available in gold and silver.

Wedding Centerpiece Flowers

Some people prefer fresh flowers for their wedding centrepiece but more often nowadays artificial ones are being used. They last longer, of course, and they can be bought beforehand without the worry of whether a florist is going to deliver on time on the big day. If you are a wedding planner, it means you can also sue the flowers again after the event is over.

The good news is that, when you buy wedding centrepieces from Wedding Mart, you can also choose from a range of different, high-quality artificial flowers including peony bushes, rose bunches, orchids and baby breaths. You can use this as a selling point by reducing the cost for your clients by not having to invest in fresh flowers

It also means you can set up the reception area the night before without worrying if the flowers will last.

Why Buy Wedding Centerpiece from Wedding Mart?

As a quality bulk importer of goods, we are able to deliver real value for money when you buy wedding centrepieces. Our products are available wholesale to wedding organisers and other businesses. Over the years we’ve gained a great reputation with many in the wedding, hospitality and event organisation industry.

Our ethos is simple. We aim to bring quality, elegance and a great cost together so that our customers get the wedding table decorations that really make that big day fantastic and give your business the flexibility and quality furnishings that make a difference.

If you are looking for a wedding centrepiece for sale that really looks the part and will make any reception look fantastic on that next big day, explore our range at Wedding Mart today.