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11 Apr The Pipe and Drape System – Why It is the Right Choice
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The Pipe and Drape system is an easy way to transform and personalise an event space. Pipe and Drape hire is a real possibility when it comes to creating custom drapery and a look that catches the eye in every possible way. At an affordable price, it is possible to capture that look and feel that you want to achieve. When it comes to using bac..
12 Mar Wedding Floral Decoration Trends – What’s Hot?
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Your wedding day is a big day and you will want to make sure everything goes as it should. Therefore, ensuring that you understand what floral decoration trends are on point will enable you to create something that looks spectacular. You might require something lavish or maybe even something simple but knowing what trends are happening right now wi..
01 Mar How to setup Pipe and Drape System
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This video shows how the pipe and drape can be setup in few minutes without any tools.    ..
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