Your wedding day is a big day and you will want to make sure everything goes as it should. Therefore, ensuring that you understand what floral decoration trends are on point will enable you to create something that looks spectacular. You might require something lavish or maybe even something simple but knowing what trends are happening right now will enable you to make an informed decision.

Often your wedding venue will play a part in what you choose. You might need something like a white flower wall panel to hide a part of the building or you might require a free standing large wedding arch to give your venue the touch of style and class that you have always wanted. So, what are the key wedding floral trends?

Garlands –These are commonly associated with Christmas but there are now back in fashion. If you have rectangle tables then these are the perfect decoration, delivering a look that certainly brings the outdoors inside. You could incorporate a real touch whit lily into this look but it is possible to use flowers of any style.

Chandeliers and Hanging Flowers – A great addition to any wedding and can really bring the whole look together. When it comes to chandeliers, there are a number of designs available with some being covered in foliage while pastel colours work extremely well. You could opt to hand a white rose ball or even a red rose ball with diamante.

A classic look – Victorian style flowers that have not been used for some time are one of the hottest trends. Choosing the likes of daisies, peonies and dahlias will certainly bring you into fashion, with artificial peonies being a great choice for a white flower wall panel. This kind of style looks lavish and luxurious with the floral display looking wild and fresh.

Pink is in fashion – This is a colour that has certainly made a comeback so why not think about introducing it at your wedding. A free standing large wedding arch can be decorated with the garden rose, ranunculus or even peonies. In fact, why not try a pink rose ball to inject a splash of vibrancy and style?

Metallics – This is look that can add class and sophistication to your big day. Whether you opt for gold, silver or any other metallic colour is entirely up to you but adding in the likes of glitter and crystals will certainly bring your wedding to life. Incorporating decorations such as silver wedding pedestals will enable you to create something that is unique and eye-catching.

It is important that your wedding day includes everything that you want to make it special in every possible way. Floral decorations are without a doubt, the perfect way to create a look and feel that can range from something simple to something classy and sophisticated. Through the use of freestanding large wedding arches through to the finer details such as real touch white lily flowers will ensure that your day is one to remember.