Weddings can be both a grand time with you and a couple hundred of your friends, or an intimate gathering to signify the love and commitment you and your partner share. They can be simple and tasteful, or an over the top event where the guests are treated as lavishly as the bride. Weddings can be anything you want them to be and including some of the season’s latest trends is important if you want it to be a memorable and picturesque event. If you are planning your wedding and need some ideas, keep reading as we are going to share some of the top wedding trends for 2019.

Here are some of the top wedding trends that we will be seeing in 2019:

Simpler things: While many people want to have luxurious wedding, we are seeing a trend for simpler things. There’s a benefit to having a smaller gathering, as there will be more room for guests to interact with one another. Simple menu planning will make the food more enjoyable as you can focus on improving the taste of the food and add new and exciting dishes to the menu choices.

Go all out: Of course, we will continue to see people who go all out with their weddings this year. It’s a special time to gather together with loved ones and share the joining of two people. Although the event takes place on a more spacious area, it is still possible to add an illusion of intimacy by dividing the space into more comfortable vignettes. Lighting and floral arrangements can be strategically placed and guests can be broken up into smaller groups with multiple drink and food stations.

Use of certain colours: Each year, we see specific colours used during wedding ceremonies. In 2019, there will be more use of brighter pinks, warm corals, blues and purples. It is still possible to do something entirely unexpected, but you should also use common sense. Coloured glassware can be an unexpected touch that will elevate the decor. One area where you can add some colour is your place settings. From colourful tablecloths and runners, to napkins, placemats and more, you can add coordinating colours on every table bringing the style of the room together.

Dramatic backdrops: Backdrops can be used to make any setting look romantic and more personal. Proper use of backdrops can add an impressive “wow” factor to any wedding and give the happy couple some impressive photo opportunities. Ice White LED Curtain Lights for wedding backdrops can add a dramatic effect that will really make your wedding stand out.

Towering floral arrangements: Towering floral arrangements using fresh bouquets of flowers can really stand out in any wedding ceremony. It takes a good amount of creativity to create jaw dropping flower garlands and centrepieces with realistic looking blooms, but artificial flowers can be used in outdoor settings as they tend to hold up better and are less expensive.

The tops trends in weddings for 2019 include dramatic use of colours, a simple, yet elegant, look and towering floral arrangements for a truly lavish appearance. But when it comes down to it, your wedding is all your own and you can choose to design it to meet your needs and your specific tastes.

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